7926 – Keys Postcard ($27.53)

7926 – Keys Postcard   ($27.53)

Naomi S. Adams
Denton, TX   USA

Width: 6"   Length: 4"

Materials/Techniques: Commercial cotton fabrics and thread, Peltex interfacing, fused appliqué, machine quilting.

Artist Statement: My wonderful (and thoughtful) friend is stationed with her family in South Korea right now. This quilt features a lovely typewriter fabric that she sent me from South Korea. It reminds me of my Grandma's 1940 typewriter and the wonderful noises it makes when my fingers are on the keys.
Naomi S. Adams

Dedication: For Mary Jane, my grandparent's dear next-door neighbor who suffers from Alzheimer's. As a kid, I remember her driving her amazing school bus home and parking it in their crazy long driveway. You're the coolest, Mary Jane.

This quilt has a Plain Back.

This quilt earned $27.53 for the AAQI.