7921 – My Favorite Martian’s Neighborhood ($50.46)

7921 – My Favorite Martian’s Neighborhood   ($50.46)

Nancy Keuss Cable
Chapel Hill, NC   USA

Width: 11.75"   Length: 9"

Materials/Techniques: Assorted 100% cotton and batik fabric. Multi-pieced houses with satin-stitch applique around moon, windows, doors, and houses. Stars attached with fusible-web, then hand embroidered with YLI metallic thread. Beads used as doorknobs on each door. Very tight linear machine-quilting used on street fabric and stipple machine-quilting used on night sky background.

Artist Statement: In keeping with the light, fun theme of my quilts, this was a joy to make and reminds me of how my parents had a fun-loving way of living. A big thank you to my good friend, Anna Suman for her input on fabric selection and the title for the quilt.
Nancy Keuss Cable

Dedication: In memory of my niece, Angie Keuss and my parents, Gil and Jeanette Keuss.

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $50.46 for the AAQI.