7766 Lime and Green Flowers ($36.70)

7766  Lime and Green Flowers   ($36.70)

Rita Blocksom
Phoenix, AZ   USA

Width: 8"   Length: 10"

Materials/Techniques: DynaFlow dyes by Jacquard, Prismacolor marking pens, Spray Bottle for squirting water-thinned paints, Metallic Gold Luminere paint by Jacquard, sheet of Printed Treasures, Lime Aurfil thread and Bottom Line for bobbin.

Artist Statement: In the later stages, it worried my dad if I quilted, so I started doodling on paper hoping he might join me. While that never happened, he did watch me carefully and we passed many days that way. After his passing, I copied the drawings onto Printed Treasures and began to stitch them, knowing I would donate them to AAQI.
Rita Blocksom

Dedication: Using my two favorite colors, I turned this collage page into a small quilt in my father's memory. He loved to watch me paint and colorize my small pieces, although he had passed before I put them on fabric. He was always very supportive of my work.

This quilt has a Plain Back.

This quilt earned $36.70 for the AAQI.