7764 Flower Power I ($36.70)

7764  Flower Power I   ($36.70)

Rita Blocksom
Phoenix, AZ   USA

Width: 7.5"   Length: 9.5"

Materials/Techniques: Prismacolor pens and markers, Pitt pens, Crafter's Workshop stencil, Lumiere paint by Jacquard, sheet of Printed Treasures.

Artist Statement: Flowers reach across the boundaries of the Alzheimer's diagnosis. Flowers are familiar, comfortable, known and recognized objects that those with Alzheimer's can understand and accept. The color, the touch, the scent of a flower is calming as I hope this quilt reflects.
Rita Blocksom

Dedication: In my childhood, both my Grandma and Dad used to take us to the "Rock Garden" near where we lived. They both loved flowers well past when the ravages of Alzheimer's caused them to forget the names of family members, locations that were previously so important to them and objects of necessity such as eating utensils. Flowers were very important conduits to their inner world of peace and tranquility. Flowers can be powerful tools of communication to say "I love you" to family members as they lose their capabilities.

This quilt has a Plain Back.

This quilt earned $36.70 for the AAQI.