7303 Memory Basket

7303  Memory Basket

Alexis Ortega
Seattle, WA   USA

Width: 8"   Length: 10"

Materials/Techniques: All cotton fabric and scraps. Machine pieced, hand appliqued, and machine quilted.

Artist Statement: This quilt started with a scrap of Asian floral fabric that called to me. I loved the fresh, springy colors, on the dark blue background, and used it for the binding to frame this quilt.

I was drawn to the traditional basket quilt block for this piece. I created a basket of made fabric, or scraps pieced together to form a larger piece of fabric. Making the quilt in this way connected me to the way we gather memories through life- the bits and pieces we gather up and carry along with us, creating the picture of our life.

My basket felt empty, so I added more memories in the form of flowers. Thinking of my Nana, who had senile dementia, I added the flower that had fallen out of the basket, to represent the poignant loss of this disease.

Dedication: My Nana had senile dementia. At the end of her life, she loved to sing the popular songs of her youth in the 1930's and 40's. She remembered scores of them, and would dance with everybody in the nursing home, but she could not remember the last time she ate, what she had just said in conversation, or the names and faces of her family.

I remember my grandmother in floral dresses and lipstick, standing taller than her short stature and smiling proudly. She would have looked sharp carrying a basket full of flowers. In her honor, I dedicate this quilt that the memory of our loved ones will always shine brightly over the darkness of Alzheimer's.

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $35 for the AAQI.