7036 The Lone Sentinel ($125)

7036  The Lone Sentinel   ($125)

Betyann Shaver
Aiken, SC   USA

Width: 9.5"   Length: 6"

Materials/Techniques: Painted linen, silk ribbon embroidery, copper wire and a flat marble.

Artist Statement: Family members become very watchful of the Alzheimer victim and more so as the cognitive skills disappear. If you look into the head of this Lone Sentinel you will see another lone sentinel.
Betyann Shaver

Dedication: This little quilt is dedicated to Roger L. Sprague who grew up on a farm in Vermont, joined the Air Force and was stationed in England where he met his wife, Mary. When he returned to the States, he then worked for the NSA. Upon retiring he returned to his first love, farming. After the Alzheimer became severe, the one thing he held onto the longest was memories of Mary (an avid quilter), his wife of 54 years. He passed away 9 weeks after she died, once he truly understood that she was gone. Roger L. Sprague, 1936-2011.

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $125 for the AAQI.