7028 – Fog and Hedgerows ($45)

7028 – Fog and Hedgerows   ($45)

Paula Carhart Hilston
Raynham, MA   USA

Width: 9"   Length: 9.5"

Materials/Techniques: Cotton fabric, batting, thread, floss, bottom line polyester thread, quilting, buttons, beads, antique buttons, charm, ribbon. Machine piecing, hand quilting, and hand decorative stitch.

Artist Statement: This quilt reflects my father's life before and during his struggles different facets that were my Dad. This quilt was part of a group challenge to use an ugly fabric to help fight an ugly disease. The inside "shattered" pieces show the tearing apart of those elements of my Dad. There are places where the "ugly" (orange black stripe) fabric show through which represent the holes made in the brain with the advancing of this disease. The fuzzy grey and black attempting to cover the "holes" represent his struggles against the loss of memory. The decorative stitches are the attempts of loved ones and caregivers to help hold thing together. Finally the embellishments all represent something significant to "Pop" and our family. If you purchase this quilt and are interested in what they mean email me and I'd be happy to explain.
Paula Carhart Hilston

Dedication: To Ward W. Carhart, the most amazing, creative and smart person I have ever known. From his contributions on Omaha Beach and the invasion of Normandy, where he developed a healthy fear of both Hedgerows and fog as they were camouflage for enemy soldiers; to his careers of both Diplomat and Educator, he showed an amazing sense of courage and creativity. In the early 50's he moved his young family overseas to help the Department of Defense begin the earliest Air Force dependent's schools in Spain. He also served his country as an emissary and diplomat. It was during our time living in England that his fear of Hedgerows and Fog became a love for all the hiding places they made for birds and small animals. Its been 10 years since his body left us, 20 since he began losing the pieces that made him so unique. My working title for this quilt was "Ease His Pain” - making it helped to ease some of mine.

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $45 for AAQI.