6880 Kind Hearted Lady ($50)

6880  Kind Hearted Lady   ($50)

Bunny Filer
Mahomet, IL   USA

Width: 8.375"   Length: 9.375"

Designer: Debra G. Henninger, Hobo Quilts, copyright 2010, pages 108-109 . I have written permission. Debi Henninger, a very kind-hearted lady, has autographed one of the triangles on the back of the quilt.

Materials/Techniques: Vintage and contemporary cotton fabric, fusible web, machine blanket stitch, hand embroidery, hand quilting.

Artist Statement: My Dad's mother, Bernice Pogue, died before I was born. She was said to be a very kind-hearted lady. Grandma Bernie fed dozens upon dozens of hobos over the years. My Dad always said that they knew "they had been marked", but no one could ever find the evidence. Hobos apparently left marks at their camps and along the way and on fence posts of homes to guide fellow hobos to find a hand-out or to warn them of danger, etc. The book Hobo Quilts' subtitle is "55+ original blocks based on the secret language of riding the rails". When I saw the book, I had to have it. I had to make the "Kind-Hearted Lady" block to honor my late grandmother and all the other kind-hearted ladies who gave a sandwich to those who were hungry.
Bunny Filer

Dedication: To kind-hearted ladies everywhere.

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $50 for the AAQI.