6868 - Flamingo Dancers ($45.88)

6868 - Flamingo Dancers   ($45.88)

Audrey Arno
Tuttle OK   USA

Width: 10.75"   Length: 7.75"

Designer: The block in this quilt was designed by Sara Nephew and presented in the book Patchwork Zoo. The block was re-sized to 1/4 of the original for AAQI Priority Quilts. Written permission was given by Alicia’s Attic, current owner of the rights to these patterns.

Materials/Techniques: Traditionally pieced blocks of cotton fabric. The outer border is fused on the inside edge, quilted with clear thread. The setting of the blocks was inspired by a quilt in Patchwork Zoo by Sara Nephew

Artist Statement: Several things prompted the making and naming of this quilt. First the flamingo's pink fabrics are remaining pieces of hand dyed material given to me by Beth Hartford when I reached the $1,000 promise. The border fabric has wanted to be used for some time and it had a sort of tropical look. The flamingos had always appeared to me to be dancing and the play between the words flamingo and flamenco was just to good not to use.
Audrey Arno

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $45.88 for the AAQI.