6824 North Wind ($35)

6824  North Wind ($35)

Alex Terry
Flagstaff, AZ   USA

Width: 10.5"   Length: 5.5"

Materials/Techniques: Hand embroidery on cotton material.

Artist Statement: This quilt was inspired by Aesop's fable about the Sun and the North Wind in which they compete to get a traveler to remove his cloak. The North Wind blows and blows, but the traveler only clutches his cloak tighter. The Sun shines gently and the traveler removes his cloak. The moral: Persuasion is better than Force.

Dedication: Though the North Wind in the fable is fierce and proud, the North Wind depicted in my quilt is gentler and has a kind face. This quilt is dedicated to my Grandmother who is both kind and strong and who now suffers from Alzheimer's.

This quilt has a Hanging Ring.

This quilt earned $35 for AAQI.