6819 Fractured ($130)

6819  Fractured  ($130)

Nancy Leech
Meadville, PA   USA

Width: 11"   Length: 9"

Designer: Made by using techniques from book "Fabulous Fractures" and used with permission from Darcy Ashton, Ashton Publications. Photograph taken by Tom Leech and used with permission.

Materials/Techniques: Photo is of a flower taken by my son and printed on fabric and then fractured and sewed into a quilt. 100% cotton fabric and batting used. Variegated rayon thread used in quilting borders.

Artist Statement: To help Ami to raise money for Alzheimer's Disease and as part of my $1000 promise.

Dedication: For all persons who suffer from this horrible disease.

This quilt has a Picture Hook.

This Priority Quilt earned $65 for AAQI.
The original buyer of this quilt has graciously donated it back to the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative so that it can raise even more money to fight Alzheimer's.
This quilt earned another $65 for the AAQI.