6811 Crossed Circuits ($95)

6811  Crossed Circuits   ($95)

Audrey Arno
Tuttle OK   USA

Width: 8.75"   Length: 8.75"

Materials/Techniques: Batik fabrics, with 1/4" squares forming chains across the surface and around the edges in the border.

Artist Statement: Some time ago I saw a picture of an antique quilt, that had blocks similar to the five in this quilt. The alternating blocks were plain with quilting. However, I preferred to make four smaller squares and piece them with a sashing strip to make the remaining blocks. The name for the quilt was a problem, but when looking at it from a distance, it looked a little like a simple circuit board.
Audrey Arno

Dedication: To the internet which we have to thank for the rapid communication which has made it possible for AAQI to grow so large and raise so much money for Alzheimer's research.

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $95 for AAQI.