6768 – Quentin the Mouse ($45)

6768 – Quentin the Mouse  ($45)

Daphne Stewart
Sunnyside, WA   USA

Width: 8.75"   Length: 8.75"

Materials/Techniques: Cottons, blends; pieced background; machine appliqué.

Artist Statement: This inquisitive little fellow was originally designed for a November 2009 Electric Quilt challenge: a quilt for EQ the Mouse, the software’s mascot. I used a clip-art image for the mouse and parked him on a classic chain block.
Daphne Stewart

Dedication: To Marcia Middents, who will have two quilts in the new Alzheimer’s traveling exhibit, ‘Alzheimer’s Illustrated: From Heartbreak to Hope’. She keeps the $1,000 Promise ‘club’ running smoothly. She also may be the only quilter with whom I trade emails who holds a patent for one of her designs.

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $45 for AAQI.