6747 - Tiny Trash Triangles? Not! #3

6747 -  Tiny Trash Triangles? Not! #3

DonnaKay Williams
Boyd, TX   USA

Width: 5.75"   Length: 7.875"

Materials/Techniques: Cotton fabric, cotton batting, machine pieced and machine quilted.

Artist Statement: This is another quilt I made with the left over corners from my great grand- daughter, Kylie Bell Owens", "I Spy" quilt. I am really enjoying creating quilts out of scraps. Thanks!

Dedication: To all the care givers that are strong enough and brave enough to care for their loved ones in the home. I know it's hard; my mother took care of her mother for a period of time....

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $36.70 for the AAQI.