6630 - Beyond ($125)

6630 - Beyond   ($125)

BetyAnn Shaver
Aiken, SC   USA

Width: 11.5"   Length: 7"

Materials/Techniques: Painted linen, embroidery thread , painted batting and beads.

Artist Statement: My mother-in-law would wander. She lived with her daughter but would spend several weeks during the year with her sister in an Assistant Living Unit. One Sunday my Mother-in-law joined a group of visitors on the elevator. From there she left the facility to wander along the road where a kind passer-by was able to get her in their car. The Good Samaritan then took her to the police station where calls were made to all the local nursing homes with no luck. Then someone remembered that a new unit had opened at the hospital. A call was made and by then the hospital was in lock down searching for her. The police escorted her back to the unit where Aunt Margaret was anxiously waiting. When Aunt Margaret saw the police with her sister she began to cry...."Oh no....now my sister has a police record!"
BetyAnn Shaver

Dedication: This small quilt is dedicated to my Mother-in-law, Maxine Shaver, and, no, she does not have a police record.

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $125 for the AAQI.