6616 – Gone Campin’ ($32.11)

6616 – Gone Campin’   ($32.11)

Marge Phillips
Vernon Hills, IL   USA

Width: 8.5"   Length: 8.5"

Designer: Linda from customer service, electricquilt.com with written permission.

Materials/Techniques: Paper pieced - machine quilted.

Artist Statement: When our children were young we enjoyed camping -- tents, sleeping bags, cooking over a camp fire -- the whole nine yards. Now we are at the stage in our lives where we prefer to "camp out" in a nice hotel with a comfortable bed and a good restaurant -- we do miss the camp fires tho.

Dedication: To Mother and Aunt Mildred.

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $32.11 for the AAQI.