6393 - Green Tangent ($150)

6393 - Green Tangent   ($150)

Andrea Balosky
Mungpoo, Darjeeling District, West Bengal   India

Width: 9"   Length: 10.75"

Materials/Techniques: 100% cotton fabric, generously donated by my neighbor, Mary Wiles; unprocessed raw cotton for batting. Hand-pieced; hand-separated/fluffed raw cotton; hand-quilted. Sometimes all done by candlelight. Log Jamminʻ, a looser, contemporary version of the traditional log cabin block.

Artist Statement: We are all in this together. There is no one who is unscathed by the devastations of Alzheimer's. Given the opportunity to help, the honor is mine. May this small quilt provide links to a cure, that brings compassionate relief to millions. Plus, it was fun to make!
Andrea Bolosky

Dedication: For Sargent Shriver, who died of Alzheimer's, but more fondly remembered and honored as the Founding Director of the Peace Corps, in which I served, as both volunteer (Malaysia & Solomon Islands) and staff.

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This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $150 for the AAQI.