6163 - Beyond The Panes ($45)

6163 - Beyond The Panes   ($45)
Julie Sefton
Bartlett, TN    USA

Width: 8.5"   Length: 11"

Materials/Techniques: Machine pieced, machine quilted.

Artist's Statement: I've been participating in June's Creativity Initiative where the prompt for November has been "Red." // As our family shared my mother's Alzheimer's journey, it was too easy to become focused on what was "not" instead of seeing beyond that sad reality to what still lay within her, just beyond reach. // Look through the windowpanes ... look beyond ... // In the words of Claudia "Lady Bird" Johnson: "Art is the window to man's soul. Without it, he would never be able to see beyond his immediate world; nor could the world see the man within.

Dedication: In honor and memory of my mother, Lura Ash Walton (1916-2005), who loved her rose bushes.

This quilt is displayed with Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $45 for the AAQI.