6003 - Plaques and Tangles ($45)

6003 - Plaques and Tangles   ($45)
Susan Rhudy
Ash Grove, MO    USA

Width: 7"   Length: 11.75"

Materials/Techniques: An abstract picture of the brain components were printed on white cotton fabric. The pink and purple fabric was cut in strips of varying widths. The strips were sewed alternating purple and pink fabric. Thread painting was then used to depict the parts of the Alzheimer’s brain cells. Yellow, gold and silver are the good guys while black represents the disease. The pink border represents hope.

Artist's Statement: The live nerve cells (neurons) are yellow while the dead neuron is black. One of the nerve cells shows tangles, protein bodies that infect the neurons. Plaque is demonstrated by heavy black tangled thread which are not within the cell. These abnormal proteins are involved in the progression of the disease eventually making it difficult for the patent to carry out the simplest tasks. Glia cells make up 90 percent of the brain cells. The various Glial (meaning "glue") cells perform many important functions, including: digestion of parts of dead neurons, manufacturing myelin for neurons, providing physical and nutritional support for neurons, and more. Two of the five types of glial cells are microglia (which are gold metallic thread) and astroglia (which are silver metallic thread).
Susan Rhudy

Dedication: The true heroes of AD are the researchers, care givers, family, friends and all those involved in helping Alzheimer's victims and searching for answers.

This quilt is displayed with Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $45 for the AAQI.