5996 - Elegant Oriole ($94.75)

5996 - Elegant Oriole   ($94.75)
Susan Rhudy
Ash Grove, MO    USA

Width: 9.5"   Length: 7.75"

Materials/Techniques: The image was printed with an Epson 1900 on 100 percent cotton fabric. Trapunto was used to accent the Oriole - four layers for the beak and three layers for the body. The fabric was sprayed with starch to make the quilt hang straight and give it body. It also gives the quilt a slight sheen and makes it easier to free motion quilt. Leah Day FREE free motion quilting was used as inspiration for the quilting patterns. A pillow case binding was used.

Artist's Statement: This Oriole was determined to get into our house. He flew into the door and stunned himself which gave me time to get really close-up pictures of him.
Susan Rhudy

Dedication: To all those family members that have had a loved one with Alzheimer's. For those of us that worry when we don't remember how a show ended, someone’s name, or people from high school. Is it normal memory loss or is it the beginning of Alzheimer's?

This quilt is displayed with a hanging ring.

This quilt earned $94.75 for the AAQI.