5987 – Celebrate! ($79.92)

5987 – Celebrate!   ($79.92)
Barbara Stanbro
Hillsboro, OR    USA

Width: 9"   Length: 8"

Designer: Synthia Saint James. Used with written permission.

Materials/Techniques: 100% cotton, raw-edge machine appliqué, jump chains for the hoop earrings.

Artist's Statement: I received this greeting card when I finished graduate school. The cover was like this quilt. I liked it so much that I framed it and hung it on my wall. Now that I’ve taken the $1,000 pledge, I’m always on the lookout for quilt design inspiration. I noticed this greeting card that I received 16 years ago and I thought it would make a nice quilt. The artist’s name was published on the back, and she has graciously given me her permission to use her painting for a quilt.
Barbara Stanbro

Dedication: To my aunt, Joan Maust, whose beautiful quilts inspired me to learn to quilt.

This quilt is displayed with a soda pull-tab.

This quilt earned $79.92 for the AAQI.