5983 - Falling Leaves ($50)

5983 - Falling Leaves   ($50)
Bridget Wideman
Seaside, OR    USA

Width: 7.5"   Length: 10.5"

Materials/Techniques: Wool felt base with free hand needle felting using merino wool roving; outlined leaves with embroidery floss. Backing is cotton quilting fabric and the free-motion quilting was done by machine using “King Tut” by Superior Thread. Instead of binding, on this quilt I chose to go with the “hand made look” by doing a blanket stitch to close the layers using embroidery floss.

Artist's Statement: For this quilt I used a technique I first tried on my entries for the annual quilt contest/auction fundraiser for the Alliance for American Quilts. I had never done needle felting and it was so much fun that I wanted to try it again. I enjoy trying new things with my quilting, and making small quilts is the perfect opportunity to do so. On this quilt I tried mixing colors on the large leaves, which wasn’t quite as easy as I thought it would be! They still looked rather boring, so I outlined them with embroidery floss. I enjoy making quilts for the AAQI because my father-in-law has been deteriorating for a number of years now due to Alzheimer’s, so I want to do what I can to help in some way. Every little quilt helps, and I wish more people outside of the quilting community could find out about the AAQI.
Bridget Wideman

Dedication: To the homeless; those who are like falling leaves; drifting slowly to the ground without help and without hope.

This quilt is displayed with a picture frame hook.

This quilt earned $50.00 for the AAQI.