5627 - Before the Last Petal Falls ($94.59)

5627 - Before the Last Petal Falls ($94.59)
Fannie Narte
Little Elm, TX    USA

Width: 9"   Length: 12"

Materials/Techniques: Pellon, thread, silk fabric, cotton fabric, paints, beads, watersoluble wax crayons; The cotton and silk fabric pieces were each hand painted separately with watersoluble wax crayons and heat set. The two fabric pieces were layered onto batting and pellon and heavily stipple quilted. The quilt top is hand embellished with more paint, hand stitching and beads.

Artist's Statement: Mary Putnam spent a part of her life serving her children; Jacqueline spent a part of her life serving her mother, Mary. Like a wilting flower loses its petals one at a time, Mary lost her precious memories one at a time. Mary loved Jacqueline; Jacqueline took the time to love Mary . . . before her last petal fell. Before the Last Petal Falls Before she drew her last breath, she opened her eyes one last time. Kneeling beside her bed, She saw Jacqueline.

She smiled gratitude. Jacqueline understood.

She blinked "aloha." Jacqueline understood.

The last petal fell.

Jacqueline wept love. Mary understood.

Jacqueline blinked gratitude. Mary understood.

Before the last petal fell, Jacqueline loved Mary Putnam.

Time and space may physically separate us from our loved ones, but love is eternal..
Fannie Narte

Dedication: To Jacqueline and her mother, Mary Putnam. Jacqueline and her daughters understood Mary's Alzheimer's challenges. When Mary's memories were fuzzy, they "played along" with her "stories." Alzheimer's affects both the patients and their families. The loving care Jacqueline and her family provided Mary, and their recitation of "Moments with Mary" were inspiring. Mary closed her eyes for the last time on August 4, 2010, a few days before this quilt was completed.

This quilt is displayed with Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $94.59 for the AAQI.