5350 - Disconnected ($55)

5350 - Disconnected   ($55)
Mary Lambert Matton
Davidsonville, MD    USA

Width: 9"   Length: 12"

Materials/Techniques: Cottons, beading, machine quilted.

Artist's Statement: This piece is representative of nerve cells under magnification in the brain of an Alzheimer's patient. As the messages (beads) are relayed along the nerve cells, they become bogged down at the synapses, the connections between individual cells, preventing the information from getting through. These microscopic disconnections are reflected in the life of the Alzheimer's patient who becomes detached from his interests, talents, memories and experiences which made him the unique and vibrant individual he once was.

Dedication: To the scientists working on a cure for this terrible disease.

This quilt is displayed with Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $55 for the AAQI.