5259 - Fading Memories ($95)

5259 - Fading Memories  ($95)
Karen S Musgrave
Naperville, IL    USA

Width: 8.5"   Length: 11"

Materials/Techniques: commercial fabrics, organza, perle cotton, beads, foil, cording, photo transfer, applique, beading, hand and machine quilting.

Artist's Statement: As my mother-in-law was progressing through the disease, certain memories would come up and details would be lost. She was always proud of the trips she took on her own on the train from Valpariso, IN to Chicago. This piece was inspired about one of those conversations when details were lost.
Karen S Musgrave

Dedication: To my mother-in-law Dorothy.

This quilt is displayed with a traditional sleeve.

This quilt earned $95.00 for the AAQI.