5244 - Hour Glass Weave ($65)

5244 - Hour Glass Weave  ($65)
Martha Wolfersberger
Frenchtown, MT    USA

Width: 8.75"   Length: 11.5"

Materials/Techniques: Cotton fabrics and threads, and poly/cotton batting, machine pieced and quilted.

Artist's Statement: This little quilt is made up of 1.5" blocks half of which are sometimes called "Hour Glass". The design was the result of playing with simple blocks in search of something to serve as the background for a paisley flourish quilting design from the Quiltmaker Collection (Used with written permission. Copyright Quiltmaker 2009.) As it turns out the quilting design doesn't really show up that well on the front of the quilt but does show up on the back, especially when viewed with light coming at an angle other than straight down.

This quilt is displayed with Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $65.00 for the AAQI.