5092 - A Lonely Trip

5092 - A Lonely Trip
Bonnie MacGregor
West Seneca, NY    USA

Width: 8.5"   Length: 11"

Materials/Techniques: Hand applique, embroidery, and bead work, machine quilted with varigated thread.

Artist's Statement: The inspiration of this quilt was a 1956 best selling Elvis Presley song entitled “Heartbreak Hotel.” This tune describes the heart ache that the whole family felt for my Aunt Bette who lived for over 10 years with Alzheimer's. She seemed to have left us and we seemed to be always wandering down "Lonely Street" looking for her.

Dedication: To my Aunt Bette who passed away from Alzheimer's.

This quilt is displayed with a traditional sleeve.

This quilt earned $50.00 for the AAQI.