4994 - A Family's Storm ($100.00)

4994 - A Family's Storm ($100.00)

Marlene Woodfield
LaPorte, IN    USA

Width: 9"   Length: 12"

Materials/Techniques: Cotton fabrics, Tsukeniko inks, markers, hand and machine applique.

Artist's Statement: Storms have peaks of intensity that terrify and cause the victims to tremble in fear. They also offer periods of relative calm between the thunder bolts and lightening. But then, without warning, the next violent strike causes physical damage beyond repair. Alzheimer's disease is a storm in the life of patients and family members, causing pain and anguish to all, like a powerful "force of nature". Memories are lost, capability deteriorates, and control disappears. In this quilt, the portrait of a mother and daughter shows the physical resemblance that transcends this tragic illness. The daughter gently reassures her mother, "While you do not know my name, I am your daughter. I am with you through the storms of life." The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative unites artists across the nation to raise funds for research in the hope for a brighter day--when storms will end and a cure will be found.

Dedication: In memory of my mother, Ruth Ludders Brown, who always encouraged my art work.

This quilt is displayed with Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $100.00 for the AAQI.