4820 - Sun Bonnet Sue Discovers ($45)

4820 - Sun Bonnet Sue Discovers   ($45)
Jan Stone
Josephville, MO    USA

Width: 8.5"   Length: 9.75"

Materials/Techniques: Cotton, beads, charm, embroidery, vintage Sun Bonnet Sue Block; needle turn and raw edge appliqué.

Artist's Statement: I have an interest in traditional quilts and fabrics and I love to include them in my AAQI quilts, I’m into recycling. Recently, I purchased six Sun Bonnet Sue blocks at a tag sale in eastern Missouri. The blocks had been cut from an old quilt and were being sold in a lot. The workmanship is very good on these Sues and I immediately thought how they would make a great mini quilt for an Alzheimer’s auction or sale. I embellished the block with beads, embroidery and a star charm. The block is raw edge appliquéd to the patchwork background with the single thought “discover” embroidered on the patchwork. The piece is hand quilted both by the original maker and myself. What a wonderful way for a Sun Bonnet Sue to have second life, as a mini quilt.
Jan Stone

Dedication: To Mom.

This quilt is displayed with a hanging ring
This quilt earned $45.00 for the AAQI.