4604 - Snatches in Time

4604 - Snatches in Time
Julie Antolak
Woodbury, MN    USA

Width: 12"   Length: 9"

Materials/Techniques: Velvet and Suede, crazy quilt with pearl cotton stitching pillow.

Artist's Statement: Mom lived with our family for sometime as her dementia advanced. She was always fascinated with my quilt making. Each time she saw me working on a quilt she would ask “What are you doing?”. I would explain that I was making a quilt; and each time she replied “How lovely!” Life was crazy at our house – thus the crazy quilt, but lots of love held us together – the hand stitching. Mom wasn’t a quilter but she created my wardrobe each season and taught me to value the creative possibilities sewing can bring. The velvets remind me of the beautiful velvet dresses she made for me each Christmas.

This piece is actually a decorative pillow. You just add the stuffing.

Dedication: To my mom, Bertha Johnson.

This quilt earned $48 for AAQI.