4357 - Freezing to Death

4357 - Freezing to Death
Judy Buchanan
Austin, TX    USA

Width: 8"   Length: 10.5"

Materials/Techniques: Cottons, Pellon fusible fleece. Machine pieced including paper piecing with applied raw edge “cold” piece at the bottom. Machine quilted.

Artist's Statement: This piece is based on a James Taylor song Frozen Man. A few lines of the lyrics are: “I know what it means to freeze to death, To lose a little life with every breath, To say goodbye to life on earth.” Seems that this would describe the disease process of Alzheimer’s very well.

Dedication: To my Mother’s sister and my Mother’s best boyfriend both of them in the nursing home she was in – both of them with Alzheimer’s. And to my husband’s uncle who died of the disease.

This quilt is displayed with Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $39.83 for the AAQI.