4352 - Cruising with a Butterfly ($45)

4352 - Cruising with a Butterfly  ($45)
Vicki Craig
Abilene, TX   USA

Width: 11"   Length: 9"

Designer: This quilt was inspired by an award winning photograph by Ronald W. Erdrich. Used with permission.

Materials/Techniques: raw edge applique, fabric pens, and embroidery thread on commercial fabrics; machine quilted with polyester and cotton thread.

Artist's Statement: I saw the photograph this quilt is based on in our local newspaper. It is a wonderful picture that makes you feel like you are getting a butterfly's eye view of a garden.
Vicki Craig

Dedication: To my mother who for years kept her yard covered in flowers.

This quilt is displayed with Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $45.00 for the AAQI.