4326 - Waddup, Dawg ($40.00)

4326 - Waddup, Dawg   ($40.00)
Judy Leathers
Pelham, AL    USA

Width: 7.75"   Length: 7.75"

Materials/Techniques: Batiks, cottons appliqued , heavily thread-painted and machine quilted. A tiny bit of hand-quilting, just because.

Artist's Statement: I have always loved the "nose to camera lens" dog shots. Very hard to get, I have found with my dog.
Judy Leathers

Dedication: My mother-in-law, Frances died of Alzheimer's. So many of my friends have encountered this disease with their parents. Now we are the "Children of Alzheimer’s victims" and we are always aware of what the future could bring.

This quilt has a plain back.

This quilt earned $40.00 for the AAQI.