4185 - Regal ($49.75)

4185 - Regal   ($49.75)
Audrey Arno
Tuttle, OK    USA

Width: 7.625"   Length: 8.25"

Materials/Techniques: Background fabric is white on white. Pieced without foundations. The header is Seminole pieced. An eighth inch gold border repeats the center square.

Artist's Statement: The center of the quilt is a block I noticed in an 1984 Quilter's Newsletter Magazine. The name of the block is Maryland and was the state winner in the 1907 Hearth and Home contest of state blocks. Most of the ones I uncovered on the internet and in my books, show it as being blue, with maybe another shade of blue, and white. I tend to think the more color the better.
Audrey Arno

This quilt is displayed with Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $49.75 for the AAQI.