3828 - Windows on Memories ($35)

3828 - Windows on Memories   ($35)
Anne Tapper
Philadelphia. PA    USA

Width: 7.25"   Length: 11"

Materials/Techniques: Denim and cotton prints. Cathedral window appearance - did not use actual folding technique in order to fray the edges of the denim.

Artist's Statement: The windows allow us a look into the memories of our loved one. The spectrum of color stands for the spectrum of memories in one person's life. The denim signifies common daily activities that make up a life. The fraying of the denim stands for the fraying of those memories.

Dedication: With love to my father who died with Alzheimer’s in 2007.

This quilt is displayed with a soda can pull-tab.

This quilt earned $35.00 for the AAQI.