3604 - When I Grow Up ($85)

3604 - When I Grow Up     ($85)
Fannie Narte
Little Elm, TX    USA

Width: 8"   Length: 10"

Materials/Techniques: Fabric, Thread, Angelina Fibers, Neocolor II Water-soluble Wax Pastels, hand-painted quilt and thread sketched with black embroidery thread. The background was stipple quilted with iridescent thread.

Artist's Statement: When I Grow Up speaks to the idea of possibilities and hope. I remember thinking throughout my growing years, "When I grow up, I want to be just like her." The "her" could be "him." It could represent someone who is admired, maybe a mother, a parent, a teacher or a friend. This quilt was designed around the hope of finding a cure for Alzheimer's disease in my lifetime. The blue bird looks up to the blue rose and sings: "When I grow up, I hope you'll remember me."

Fannie Narte

Dedication: To all who hope to be remembered when they grow up.

This quilt is displayed with Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $85 for the AAQI.