3185 - Gifts From the Studio Floor

3185 - Gifts From the Studio Floor
Bev Haring
Colorado Springs, CO   USA

Width: 5"   Length: 5"

Materials/Techniques: cotton, cotton blend, mohair and metallic synthetic fabrics; wool yarn; glass beads; silk leaves; foil wrapper; tissue paper.

Artist's Statement: In glass studios in the past there was a tradition of gathering up all of the glass scrap from the day’s projects and creating an “end of the day” piece. These pieces later became highly prized by glass collectors.

On any given day I may be working on mohair teddy bears, knitting for family or charity, creating beaded jewelry, creating a quilt, or drawing paper dolls or art cards. On the day that I decided to create this little quilt, the gifts of the studio floor included the following:
  • Cotton, cotton blend and metallic synthetic fabrics that were scrap from a quilt in process
  • Mohair pile fabric that was scrap from a teddy bear project
  • Wool yarn trimmed after seaming a pair of mittens knit for charity
  • Synthetic leaves and plastic confetti from a table display setup practice
  • Paper with drawings of a bear and a lace pattern that was rejected from the original project because the ink spread
  • Beads of various sizes from a variety of jewelry projects
  • A foil wrapper from a piece of chocolate candy (creating requires a lot of chocolate!)
  • A piece of a worn out chambray shirt that was being used to test pattern designs was big enough for the quilt back
  • Warm and natural batting scraps from the last completed quilt project

The square is hand pieced, hand appliquéd and hand quilted.
Bev Haring

Dedication: To my grandmother, whom I called Mammy, who taught me to sew and recycle.

This quilt is displayed with a hanging ring.

This quilt earned $30.00 for the AAQI.