2953 - Chips ($99.79)

2953 - Chips  ($99.79)
Audrey Arno
Tuttle, OK   USA

Width: 8.75"   Length: 11.5"

Materials/Techniques: Made mostly of chips of fabrics, some overages from other projects, melded together in a strip design with a pieced border. Over 350 pieces.

Artist's Statement: When I was in grade school a teacher made a remark about letting the chips fall where they may. Seems none of us really understood, so she explained that it meant doing something without worrying about the effects of your actions. So this is not really an example of that saying, I meant for these chips to make a little quilt.

Dedication: To my mother who taught me to waste not, want not.

This quilt is displayed with Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $99.79 for the AAQI.