2917 - The Dancer in Me

2917 - The Dancer in Me
Peggy Trickler
Henderson, NC   USA

Width: 9"   Length: 9"

Materials/Techniques: Cotton fabrics; appliqué, machine quilting.

Artist's Statement: The Butterfly Sisterhood marvels at the dreams of its members, encouraging their fulfillment and delighting in their sisters' successes. Rachel's dream since childhood was to be a dancer. She had wanted, since a little child, to perform in front of an adoring crowd and to hear their applause. She had danced for her parents and her friends as a young girl and with her husband and her children as an adult. Although they had all applauded in adoration, at times the dream of success returned to her heart and theirs was not enough. Alzheimer's had taken all but fleeting moments of her music, but it had not taken away her dream. It was the Sisterhood's mission to see her dance before her dream too, was lost, in the reality of her disease, and they set out with determination to accomplish just that.

They set the date for her recital. They found old records and a player in the day room. They gathered their friends and Rachel's family in a semi circle in front of Rachel's dance floor and watched as the music brought her body to life. She danced and she twirled...old dances from the 20's and 30's...even the Twist and the Funky Chicken... with her friends and her husband and as a solo ballerina. She laughed until everyone clapped in pure excitement and joy and began to dance with her.

And then the Sisterhood cried.

They cried at the sight of Rachel's beaming face. She had performed for an adoring crowd, and her dream became a reality on that makeshift stage. They cried for their own dreams yet to be fulfilled and those fulfilled and now forgotten. They cried for their quickly approaching darkness in a disease beyond their control.

The Sisterhood and those around them realized that their dance now has a different beat and a different drummer that they must follow. They knew that their dance could be a joyous celebration of the life they have or a solemn march to their certain future.

Bound together by the music of their existence, the Sisterhood chooses joy...for as long as their drummer allows. Arm in arm, moving to the sounds of their butterflies, they hold each other strong and dance.
Peggy Trickler

Dedication: To Rachel and the Sisterhood, who are teaching me the rhythm of the dance of life.

This quilt is displayed with a picture hook.

This quilt earned $40.00 for the AAQI.