2818 - New Life ($50.00)

2818 - New Life   ($50.00)
Kristi Burt
Lincoln, NE   USA

Width: 12"   Length: 8.5"

Materials/Techniques: The background fabric is flour paste technique and hand painted. Machine appliquéd and quilted. Small pebbles added for embellishment.

Artist's Statement: Since school has been out for the Summer my boss' daughter (10 yrs. old) has spent a lot of time at the office, she was looking for something to do one afternoon so I asked her to look for interesting items that could be used in a donation quilt the pebbles were some of the items she brought back to me.
Kristi Burt

Dedication: For my Grandfather W, Harold Way and my new grandson Matthew Jr. who has Way as a middle name in honor of his great grandfather.

This quilt has a plain back.

This quilt earned $50 for the AAQI.