2156 - Exuberant Color ($40)

2156 - Exuberant Color  ($40)
Julie Sefton
Memphis, TN   USA

Width: 9"   Length: 10"

Designer: Orphan block pieced and given to me by Wanda Hanson (http://exuberantcolor.blogspot.com/) with her note “perhaps you can do something with this for one of your Alzheimer’s quilts.” Used with written permission.

Materials/Techniques: Machine pieced and hand quilted using DMC embroidery flosses.

Artist's Statement: As Wanda notes on her blog “Exuberant Color” – exuberant means “Joyously unrestrained and enthusiastic” which this Priority Quilt certainly demonstrates.

Julie Sefton

Dedication: For Wanda and my other blogging friends who inspire me with their words and their work.

This quilt is displayed with a picture frame hook.

This quilt earned $40 for the AAQI.