2145 - Pattern

2145 - Pattern
Seth Solorzano, Age 4
Provo, UT   USA

Width: 6"   Length: 4"

Materials/Techniques: Fabric appliqué, rayon stitching.

Artist's Statement: This is the sixth of a series of six fabric postcards that my family made for our family night last week. I provided a stack of fabrics to choose from for the background and pre-made shapes of fabric with fusible web already attached. The kids arranged their shapes (and cut some too), I ironed them, and the older two (5 and 4) did all the sewing themselves! Seth (4) spent a lot of time arranging this little piece and a whole lot more time sewing it! He sat on a booster seat and we used a box to raise the pedal to his foot.
Georgia Solorzano

Dedication: My sister, Naomi Adams, has a quilt in the Forgetting Piece by Piece exhibit. She inspired us to donate a little of our time to support this great cause. Everyone has known someone who has or had Alzheimer's and it is always devastating.

This quilt has a plain back.

This quilt earned $30 for the AAQI.