2117 - Everything Vintage ($39.86)

2117 - Everything Vintage  ($39.86)
Audrey Arno
Tuttle, OK   USA

Width: 8.5"   Length: 8.5"

Materials/Techniques: Made from 2 inch square blocks and some yellow scraps my mother saved for years and passed on to me when she passed away. The fabrics encompass a time span from the late 1920's through the 60's with possibly some into the 70's. This quilt is based on what must of have been popular colors (or at least those Mother liked). The buttons are all probably at least 25 years old and some older; for instance the square green one I remember on Mother's dress when I was very young. The yellow one also is older than most of the others. The backing is table cloth fabric, at least 50 years old, probably more. I have a great deal of thread that I inherited and I looked carefully at what I used to make sure it had not become weak and rotten, finally deciding on a strong white thread on a good sized wooden spool. In keeping with the "old" theme, I had planned to use a portion of the batting from an old quilt that could not be repaired, but discarded that idea since it was lumpy and not too nice, so the batting is new. The sewing was done on my old Singer 301, a sewing machine which is well over 50 years old (and still sews very nicely). The hanging loops are from an old card of largish hooks and eyes and loops. Even the maker (me) is getting on, about three-fourths of the way to be called a 100 year old antique.

Artist's Statement: I enjoy remembering the older days and how things were done. So many things now have different values and are not always as warm and comforting as the old ways.

Dedication: To the memory of my mother, who saved many things that I have come to appreciate.

This quilt has a other.

This quilt earned $39.86 for the AAQI.