2089 - Leafy Green ($31 + $30)

2089 - Leafy Green ($31 + $30)
Naomi S. Adams
Round Rock, TX   USA

Width: 8.75"   Length: 9.75"

Materials/Techniques: Cotton solid and print; hand stamped, machine quilted, zigzagged edges.

Artist's Statement: I used leaf and bubble wrap stamps to create this whole cloth Priority quilt.
Naomi S. Adams

Dedication: For caregivers of those with Alzheimer's disease.

This quilt is displayed with a traditional sleeve.

This quilt earned $31 for the AAQI and has been donated back by the buyer to earn still more money for AAQI.

The "first" buyer wrote:
I have enjoyed this quilt and its creativity. It has inspired me to continue making additional Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts for the AAQI. I am returning this quilt so it can be sold again to continue to help fight Alzheimer's. I hope it can continue to make even more money for the cause and give someone else great pleasure to own it.

This quilt earned another $30 for the AAQI after being purchased by a 2nd supportive buyer.