15,566 - Lost Feathers

15,566 - Lost Feathers

Janet Olsen
Logan, UT USA

Width: 8.25" Length: 10.75"

Materials/Techniques: A whole cloth quilt of Sandy Gervais "Solid" (slightly mottled) fabric, machine quilted with swirling feathers and bound with a Kaffe print.

Artist Statement: In looking for a quotation involving feathers that would suit this quilt, I came across the perfect one. The first two lines read, "A bird that has lost its feathers can no longer sail through the skies. And a person who has lost her memories can no longer find her way through the world she once called home." (Sakura) I have written this on a label and attached it to the back of the quilt.
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Dedication: For all who can no longer fly.

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $55.43 for AAQI.