15,431 - Ooh, Granny, What Big Buttons You Have! ($36.95)

15,431 - Ooh, Granny, What Big Buttons You Have! ($36.95)

Laura Keyes Perry
Roanoke, VA USA

Width: 10.5" Length: 8.5"

Materials/Techniques: Cotton fabrics, machine sewn and quilted, with buttons sewn on, some with foam circles to help them sit straight.

Artist Statement: Maybe it was the red triangles, but while I was making this, I kept thinking about Little Red Riding Hood, and how she would say, "Ooh, Granny, what big eyes you have!" etc., and imagining her saying, "What big buttons you have!" These BIG buttons were given to me for AAQI quilts by K Eager, Odessa Via, Vickie Cassell, Janet Fisher, and Pinky Hannigan. The fabric was donated by Martha J. Heist, Thelma Norman, and Beuna Inman.

Dedication: With thanks to the generous readers of GOOD OLD DAYS who responded to my request for fabric and buttons to make AAQI quilts.

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $36.95 for the AAQI.