15,104 - White Orchid ($65.00)

15,104 - White Orchid ($65.00)

JoAnn Stowell
Longview, WA USA

Width: 11.5" Length: 8.5"

Materials/Techniques: I started with white PFD cloth and drew the orchid on it with pencil. I colored it with Inktense pencils and water. I had to be careful not to invade the white of the orchid. There is extra batting under the flower and then cut away. I then put it on another piece of batting. The background is heavily free motioned to make the flower stand out. It is thread signed.

Artist Statement: You know by now that I like flowers. My mother had a poor man's green house (she called it that) and she could grow anything. Someone gave her an orchid. They need a different habitat. She was always reading about plants and knew the Latin names for everything. She was a schoolteacher and before school she would be in her greenhouse. She had a radio in there and when a certain program came on she knew it was time to go. She was happy there.
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Dedication: To my mother who had Alzheimer's and to my friends Ele' and Barbara. They have been great caregivers.

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $65.00 for the AAQI.