14,997 - Workers For Alzheimer's ($46.19)

14,997 - Workers For Alzheimer's ($46.19)

JoAnn Stowell
Longview, WA USA

Width: 11.75" Length: 9"

Materials/Techniques: I drew the houses on PFD cloth and colored them with Ink Tense pencils. It is heavily free motion quilted with metallic and rayon threads. It is thread signed.

Artist Statement: This is hard to write because I know we are nearing the end of this project. These houses are how I picture all of us sewing, buying, book keeping or computing. We are all in our little house not knowing what the other is doing. It is solitary work. Our paths will never cross but I will never forget Audrey or Martha or when I am blue I just take a look at the thousand dollar promise of Judy Leathers. That cat will charm you every time. The dogs are right there and you know their personalities. Or open any of the many that are there and be amazed at what people can do. We did our best for a great cause and I am sure they can't stop us now. This thing will be beaten. In the meantime it has been great knowing you all; Ami, Beth, Barbara and Diane. Thank you so much. To all thank you. I have learned so much just by doing.
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Dedication: To my mother and my two friends Ele' and Barbara. They are great caregivers.

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $46.19 for the AAQI.