14,959 - Who, Me? ($75.00)

14,959 - Who, Me?  ($75.00)

Kristin Shields
Bend, OR USA

Width: 8.5" Length: 12"

Materials/Techniques: Commercial cottons, hand dyed cotton and linen, cotton thread and embroidery floss (some hand dyed) and silk batting. Liberated piecing, hand quilting, hand embroidery.

Artist Statement: This liberated kitty was inspired by Jude Hill after I made a quilt with 9 of these kitties. I couldn't stop making them and I thought they would be a fun last two quilts for AAQI. The liberated patchwork is fun and easy to do. The embroidered faces bring out the personality. This one turned out to be a mischievous kitty (see his belly full of feathers). Thank you AAQI for all you do!

Dedication: To all the volunteers of AAQI great job!

This quilt has a Hanging Ring.

This quilt earned $75 for the AAQI.