14,874 - Cathy's China Hutch I ($75.00)

14,874 - Cathy's China Hutch I ($75.00)

JoAnn Stowell
Longview, WA USA

Width: 11.75" Length: 9"

Materials/Techniques: I drew on PFD white cloth and did a black outline around the contents. I used a little Inktense and water to add just a little color. It is free motion quilted and thread signed.

Artist Statement: Cathy's china hutch is a life story. It is not neat; it is interesting. Cathy does not have time to arrange and rearrange the things that are there. She is taking someone to Portland to the doctor or buying groceries for another friend. She does many things with and for her family. Her hutch is not restricted to just china, there are shells and rocks and any important thing that her family has gathered through the years. These things bring interest to her life and the lives of people that peer into that hutch. Have you looked at yours lately? Are there stories to be told? I think I should take another look at mine.
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Dedication: To all the things that Cathy has done for me. I can never repay her or my brother. To mother who had Alzheimer's and to Barbara who is a great caregiver. Also to Ele' who can now start caring for herself.

This quilt has Fast Finish Triangles.

This quilt earned $75 for the AAQI.